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Southern Properties Timber Services

General Timber Management

We can help you plan, chart, or otherwise implement your timber management strategy – or create a detailed management process for you.

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Boundary Line Maintenance

Boundary lines can often be confusing or unclear. Let us help you maintain a clear and concise boundary between you and your next-door neighbors.

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Wildlife Management

The wildlife on your land is not only your concern, but your responsibility as well. Southern Properties can help you develop a comprehensive plan for managing the wildlife on and near your land.

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Clearing land for development is a significant investment – so is the reforestation of that land after construction has ended. Southern Properties can help generate a Reforestation plan that coincides with your existing buildings and infrastructure.

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Southern Properties would be delighted to help you or your community establish effective firebreak.

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Control Burning

Most people don’t realize that burning in large quantities requires carefully planning and management. Southern Properties can help ensure you don’t lose control of your next burn project.

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