Our staff shares decades of land appraisal experience. If you’re looking for the right price for the right land, you’ve come to the right people.

Southern Properties Appraisal Services

Estate Appraisal

Estate worth can be tricky to determine. Southern Properties boasts staff who have appraised estates for many, many years. We’ll be sure you know exactly how much your estate is worth.

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Estate Divisions

It’s never easy to lose a family member – and worrying about dividing his or her estate certainly doesn’t make it easier. Let us help you divide your loved one’s estate fairly and lawfully.

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Residential Appraisal

Discovering how much your home is worth usually costs unnecessary time and money. We can help you cut expenses without sacrificing accuracy and attention to detail. It’s just what we do.

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Commercial Appraisal

Running a business requires a tight grip on the company piggy bank. We offer appraisal services that won’t break your company coffers, while still delivering excellent information on your potential assets.

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Timber Appraisal

The value of your land’s standing wood could mean the difference between further development and stagnation. Our staff holds academic degrees in forestry appraisal. We can get you the right price in the right time-frame.

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Timber/Land Appraisal

We also offer the ability to appraise both the land and the timber sitting on it within one overall figure. Let our team know how you want your price, and we can get it to you that way.

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